Disc Loading Lat Pulldown/Low Row Tower

Disc Loading Lat Pulldown/Low Row Tower

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    The pulldown tower is the perfect addition to any fitness room thanks to its compact dimensions, quality production and numerous training possibilites. With the Bodycraft Pulldown Tower you get a high quality training machine at a very attractive price.

    Multi Lat Tower: extensive range of exercises on a small footprint

    The Bodycraft Pulldown Tower is not only a back trainer for the Latissimus but also for numerous other exercises. With the pulldown you can for example, also effectively train the triceps. On the low cable pull you have the possibility to do rows, bicep curls, lateral lifts or exercises for the legs among others. So the compact multi-gym is not only for the beach muscles but offers a comprehensive total body strength training.

    Included in the packaging are all the most important accessories to enable good execution of all these exercises. For even more variety and specialised training, check out our large range of grips and accessories in our online shop. All grips can be easily attached to the cable pull with the carabiner.

    Decide the training weight of the Bodycraft Pulldown Tower yourself. The cable pull station can be loaded with your own weight plates. Thanks to the weight plate attachment you can use 30mm as well as 50mm weight plates. The Lat Tower can be loaded up to 120kg.

    So that the Lat Tower can optimally suit you, the seat, as well as the support rolls can be adjusted in height. Changing the different bars and grips is quick and easy thanks to the carabiners. The high quality pulleys and sheathed steel cables provide a very smooth and balanced run.

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    • Variable weight load with Standard Size (1”) or Olympic (2”) weight plates
    • Especially versatile and space-saving
    • Attachments included: a pulldown bar, rowing bar, single hand grip, leg strap, 50mm weight plate attachments, -2 spring locks each for Standard Size (1”) or Olympic (2”) sizes, extension chain and carabiners
    • Foam cushioning and seat that both can be adjusted to 7 heights
    • Maximum weight load: 120kg
    • Ball-bearing pulleys
    • Nylon coated steel cable
    • Very high stability
    • Easy assembly
    • Dimensions set-up - Bodycraft Pulldown Tower: (L) 144.5 cm x (W) 67 cm x (H) 210 cm